Who is mining Bytecoin? : BytecoinBCN

After a little counting, I came to the conclusion that now, at current prices, mining Bytecoin is critically unprofitable! But some don’t think so! I do not know who is mining the coin, the developers of the coin or anyone else, but I know for sure that these people have big plans for this coin.

I went to the Bytecoin block explorer site and saw that 4785070Bcn had been mined in the last month. Income between block # 2120974 and block # 2142604. You can go in and see for yourself.

If you take the most powerful Asic miner Bitmain Antminer X3 220 kH / s with a consumption of 550w with a network hashrate of 150 MH / s, then 681 ASICs are needed.

150Mh/s : 220kh/s=681

681 ASIC consumes 374.5KW per hour, 8988KW per day, 269640KW per month.

I live in Russia and our cheapest electricity costs $ 0.013. Hence, the ASIC costs will be $ 3505 per month.

If we take the average price of Bytecoin for this month, then it will be $ 0.0019402. Hence the income from mining will be 4785070 * 0.00019402 = 928.3 $.

The loss will be $ 2577 !!!

But someone is mining;)

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