The Best of 2019 (for Mainstream Crypto Adoption)

The Biggest Events From 2019 (For Mainstream Crypto Adoption) – Popular Crypto #15

Welcome to Issue 15 of Popular Crypto, a newsletter about the mainstream products and services taking crypto to the masses.

In this issue, we look back at the year that was. 2019 was rough for many cryptocurrencies, but not all. Bitcoin (BTC) finished the year up 85% and more secure than ever with its hash rate surpassing all-time highs. The Litecoin price climbed about 30%. Of course, our focus here is not the market but the products and services bringing crypto to the masses. The market’s ups and downs are merely the backdrop as we review the year’s biggest events for mainstream crypto adoption.

Along the way, we’ll preview our new format.

Going forward, each issue of Popular Crypto will be a Top Ten list of the most important developments for crypto mainstreaming. We’re switching formats to bring more focus to our coverage.

All that and more in this week’s issue. But first, here’s a . . .

🥂 Message From Nomics

2019 was a great year for We accomplished a lot as a company, beat our revenue goal by 100%, and our traffic goal by much more.

But we’re just as proud of our contributions to transparent data initiatives. As a provider of crypto market data, we see ticker stuffing, exchange spam, and other forms of fake volume on a daily basis. And we started the year on a mission to clean things up.

In April, we introduced our new crypto exchange rating system, which grades exchanges according to their willingness to provide auditable histories. See Nomics’ Exchange Transparency Ratings (And The Correlation Between Transparency & Fake Volume, and Toxic Activity).

In August, we followed up with the release of our transparent volume indicator. Indeed, for each cryptoasset on, we now provide the amount of trading volume occurring on transparent exchanges.

Finally, in September we also released the Nomics Manifesto (entitled Transparency Must Be Trustless) to affirm our commitment to transparency. By shining a light on shady exchange practices and proposing innovative solutions, we hope to push the space towards the day when average consumers can save and spend crypto as comfortably as they use fiat.

And now, 2019’s biggest events for mainstream crypto adoption.

Clay Collins
Nomics Co-Founder


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