NO BS CRYPTO Airdrop Review

About NO BS CRYPTO Airdrop

The NO BS CRYPTO Airdrop ratings platform facilitates transparent & unbiased crypto ratings and assessments. Any user can submit a rating, which requires a bid payable in $NoBS tokens. The majority of bid tokens are redistributed to exemplary contributors.

Some are retained, the rest are burned. Users can submit ratings for any project at any time. Each rating is weighted based on the contributor score, rating quality, and bid amount. It is costly and ineffective to manipulate ratings.

Basic Details
Token Name NO BS CRYPTO Airdrop
Platform ERC20
Value $0,83
Token 20.000 NOBS
KYC KYC Is Not requirement
Whitepaper Click Here To View
Max. Participants Unlimited
Collect Airdrop Click Here To Collect Free Airdrop

First Step

Create an account at FTX exchange.

Second step

Now hold at least 500 FTT tokens.

Third Step

Snapshots of the FTT holdings will be taken randomly.

Fourth Step

All eligible users will receive 3 SRM for every 500 FTT held per week.

Fifth Step

The rewards will be distributed every Tuesday to the user’s FTX exchange wallet.

Six Step

The airdropped SRM tokens will be in a locked state and will only be unlocked over the next seven years.

Seven Step

For more information regarding the airdrop, see this post.


NO BS CRYPTO Airdrop Assessments are much more thorough than ratings, and assessment tasks can only be completed by KYC-verified contributors. Assessments are commissioned by crypto projects wanting to be reviewed, or by exchanges seeking an assessment of a token applying for listing. We intend to partner with exchanges to perform assessments on tokens they are listing and IEOs they are hosting.

Full transparency

All ratings and assessments are published on the ratings platform and made visible to the public. All rating statistics and metrics are published alongside the respective rating. Users can dig deep into the rating scores and stats, read contributor comments, view contributor statistics, and more.

Increase your contributor score

NO BS CRYPTO Airdrop Every user has a contributor score based on several factors focused on the quality and legitimacy of their contributions. There are rewards and bonuses given out to users who consistently submit quality work and maintain an excellent contributor score.

Get paid and earn rewards

Contributors will be paid in BTC or ETH for completing assessment tasks. Rewards can be earned by contributors who consistently submit quality ratings and/or assessments.

We Appreciate Your Voting . That’s the only way we can improve.

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