MultiVAC Huge Jump Ahead! by Request for KUCOIN:MTVBTC by alanmasters — TradingView India

About MultiVAC

MultiVAC describes itself as a ‘next-generation public blockchain that aims to achieve high-throughput, Dapp flexibility, and infinite scalability’.

MultiVAC aims to develop a fast and efficient blockchain, where sharding is used for computation and transmission and storage. The project aims to maximize throughput while maintaining decentralization and without sacrificing security. MultiVAC aims to pioneer flexibility for DApps to support large-scale decentralized commercial applications for diverse business requirements.


Website: mtv . ac /


MultiVAC ( MTVBTC ) is showing massive volume today and a challenge of the EMA50/Magenta line… The daily candle is about to close, at these levels, this can lead to a strong impulse move.

This is not financial advice.

Remember to always have a plan/strategy before you decide to trade for your own benefit.

THANKS… I am super grateful.


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