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    Should your little kid (or big kid) loves dinosaurs, it becomes an easy party to make enjoy yourself with. There are numerous dinosaur themed party goods available and you can set the scene making use of your child’s dinosaur toys. Cardboard cut outs and inflate dinosaurs help it come to life.

    The dessert. There are lots of cake ideas – some might take a little creativity but other medication is quite simple. Toy plastic dinosaurs are actually excellent covers with green icing, or fake grass made from green sprinkles. Then surround your toy dinosaur with speckled candy eggs for effect along with a great treat with every breeze. Fondant dinosaurs look fantastic on cakes. Help make your own in bright colors, or there are many ready-made ones. Or maybe work with a dinosaur shaped cake tin to make a big dinosaur and go to town with green icing and colored candy for decorations.

    An excellent idea is a rectangular chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing, scoop out elements of the cake and put dinosaur ‘bones’ within the holes (made of white fondant icing), several small diggers and tracks on the top helps you to finish the dinosaur dig scene. Or even an easier choice is to produce a number cake on your child’s age and decorate with toy dinosaurs.

    The foodstuff. Dinosaur hunters like to eat plenty of dinosaur themed treats! Fossil biscuits look amazing you only need to make simple vanilla cookies and make use of a toy dinosaur, or foot of a dinosaur toy to imprint a fossil before you decide to bake. Another option is usually to make candy crackles with green food coloring, then shape into mounds and put red icing to check like lava flowing around the sides, or meringues shaped as dinosaur bones.

    Other available choices are:

    • Chocolate crackles in cupcake wrappers with speckled candy eggs, these gives excellent reasons dinosaur egg nests

    • Dino shapes – chicken nuggets, accessible in most supermarkets

    • There are also a number of dinosaur shaped crackers and biscuits available.

    • Jungle slime jelly with creatures from the deep suspended inside – using lollies for example snakes, etc.

    • Liquid chocolate mud in cups with fruit shaped as bones for dipping

    • Bubbly red or green drinks in clear bottles, with grapes bubbling around

    • Vege forest with green and brown dips

    The games? The games will depend on the era of the dinosaur birthday child. For the younger ones try:

    • Obtain the dinosaur – hide toy dinosaurs round the garden to deal with to discover

    • Dino dig – bury dinosaur bones inside a sand pit to deal with to discover

    • Stomp and roar just like a dinosaur – as the music is around the children stomp and roar then when it stops they have to stay still within their best dino pose.

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