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(Geneva) President Nicolas Maduro and the ministers are at the origin of “possible crimes against humanity” in Venezuela, UN investigators said on Wednesday, calling on the Caracas government to denounce a falsehood document. ”

Posted on Sep 16, 2020 at 4:37 pm

Nina Larson
France Media Agency

The investigation team, which made its first report there but was unable to go there, claims to have found evidence of crimes against humanity. She says she has “good reason to believe that the president,” as well as the interior ministers and defense ministers, “ordered or supported proven crimes,” according to a statement.

“We have information that they issued orders or coordinated activities, adopted plans and strategies, provided logistics, personnel and the like that led to the commission of documented crimes,” said Marta. Valinas, the head of these investigators, during a press conference via videoconference.

Some of these crimes, “including arbitrary murders and systematic use of torture, fall within the scope of crimes against humanity,” she said.

Not isolated

“These acts are far from isolated. These crimes were coordinated and committed on behalf of state guidelines, with full knowledge of the facts and the direct assistance of senior officials and high-ranking government officials,” the report said. 411 pages.

On the occasion of the socialist government’s first reaction, Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza condemned on Twitter a report “full of falsehoods, remotely produced by a government-controlled phantom commission directed against Venezuela and without methodological rigor” against the United States, the Nicolas Maduro do not recognize and use strong diplomatic and economic pressure to oust it.

The investigators called on the Venezuelan authorities to immediately launch an “independent, impartial and transparent investigation”.

The report also believes that other agencies, including the International Criminal Court, “should also consider prosecuting individuals responsible for the violations and crimes identified by the mission,” said Marta Valinas.

Although the three investigators were unable to travel to Venezuela, they drew their conclusions from 274 remote interviews with victims, witnesses, former officials, as well as from analyzing confidential documents, including court files.

Ms. Valinas admitted that it would be better to go there, “but even without access to the land, our mission has been able to conduct a serious and in-depth investigation in recent months”.

“This did not prevent us from conducting our investigation and prevented us from drawing conclusions that were based on solid foundations,” she said.

The intelligence mission has reviewed 2,500 incidents since 2014 in which 5,000 people were murdered by the police.

The Venezuelan opposition approved the report. Miguel Pizarro, a close associate of opponent Juan Guaidó, said the document “shows that human rights violations are not an isolated but a state practice”.


“These extrajudicial executions cannot be attributed to a lack of discipline within the police,” said Ms. Valinas, emphasizing that high-ranking officials are in control.

“These murders appear to be part of a policy of eliminating undesirable members of society under the guise of fighting crime.”

Last year, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, called for the “dissolution” of the FAES, a special police force feared by the population.

However, the investigation shows that these armed forces “are still active, carrying out missions that lead to extrajudicial killings, so we make a very clear recommendation that the government dismantle these forces. We are convinced that they are still a major problem, ”said Ms. Valinas.

Regarding torture, which the report says is systematic, investigators assure that the torturers resort to rape, suffocation, beatings, electric shocks and death threats to punish victims or to force them to live through it. to confessions.

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