Lost 20 LTC, 2 LTC Reward for Assistance : litecoin

  • Had Litecoin Account on Ledger Live that was associated with an old hardware wallet, wanted to get it on my new one. I figured the easiest way would be from Old Ledger > Jaxx > New Ledger

  • Sent Litecoin from Ledger to Jaxx

  • I saw it as “received payment” on Jaxx. Followed to transaction ID. It got to 6+ confirmations but was not “spendable” or “settled” in the app. I should have stopped here, in hindsight.

  • I thought 6 confirmations, good to go. The transaction will settle soon enough. Sent the rest. (19.09…)

  • Same thing, received, confirmations, unsettled.

  • Got concerned started researching. Realized the problem likely has something to do with legacy/segwit addresses.

  • Back in the Jaxx app the Activty screen no longer shows the transactions at all.

Are these recoverable? I tried importing my Recovery Phrase from Jaxx into other wallets, but it threw errors in all. My LTC wallet in Jaxx no longer shows the transaction anyway, so IDK if that would even be effective.

On this block explorer https://chainz.cryptoid.info/ltc/tx.dws?a9f4a50b1b60df2b980cc0c1b61eb1fded6f4331eba520cc294a4da2b781df10.htm the output shows “not yet redeemed?” what does this mean?

Any help appreciated, even if it is just knowledge. If this is a ~$1,000 lesson, I want to learn it good!


EDIT: Coins Recovered! Big thanks to… u/deminero30 MEEPgzFEf1U69zdnutWEyvXe2WhsQH8u5u …for the help.Tip Sent 4ff08aecce87f8752e6584bbcba21d418de7afceafc5cc4c7dad3d03ebc52e7b

Heres what we did:

  • In Jaxx > Tools > Display Private Keys > LTC > Copy All

  • Paste in Evernote > Search for public key I sent the coins to > Copy Private Key

  • Download edge wallet > Make LTC wallet > Options > Sweep Private Key > Address > Paste > Sweep


For anyone who may read this, or post a similar question in the future. Be careful of anyone who DMs you, and what you do while trying to recover your funds. I understand your desperate and want to recover your coins, but if you fuck up and lose MORE your gunna have a bad time.

For instance: u/Formal_diet_ tried to “help me” by introducing me to a “Bip39 conversion tool.”


They sent me a link (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGv3BuONVi3bI7nzEw5Kjh_EOaenXjvPsVoB-n6TDRIY_Leg/viewform?usp=sf_link) to a sketchy looking frontend to a google sheet. Now idk if Bip39 conversion tools are a real thing, but this is clearly not.

Be careful out there, folks.

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