It’s Shuffle Saturday! : Bitcoincash

CashShuffle is a privacy tool that automatically mixes (or “shuffles”) your coins with other CashShuffle users, making it harder to spy on you with blockchain analysis. There have already been 51,877 shuffles, making 246,790 BCH more private =)

Shuffle veterans, spin up your wallets! CashFusion early adopters, consider closing 4.1.0 and opening up 4.0.14 for the day.

New to privacy on Bitcoin Cash? No problem, getting set up is EASY.

Just download the Electron Cash desktop wallet. It’s got CashShuffle built in!

Learn more at https://cashshuffle.com/

Or learn about how CashShuffle works “under the hood” with this explainer video:


Happy shuffling!

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