It’s Fusion Friday! : Bitcoincash

CashFusion brings exceptional levels of privacy to Bitcoin Cash, comparable to (or maybe even superior to) other privacy coins.

CashFusion is currently in “Alpha”, but it’s already been used to fuse 74,793 BCH, and has reduced the size of the UTXO set by 9,501 outputs.

Early adopters, make sure to spin up Electron Cash 4.1.0 today and get that liquidity flowing! (The more people using CashFusion at once, the more Fusions happen, and the larger your “anonymity set”.)

New to CashFusion? No problem. Help us reach critical mass by becoming a CashFusion tester:

How to become a CashFusion tester

And here’s the CashFusion Telegram group (where you can find the links to download the CashFusion alpha build of Electron Cash)

STATUS UPDATE: Security audit ongoing! =)

PS. Sorry for the late post. Will do my best to get these posted much earlier in the future. Happy Fusing!

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