IOTA Will Become The Standard For Industrial IoT

The Vice President of Software AG Innovation and Architecture said that the IOTA protocol will become the standard for the industrial internet of Things as we are reading in the following IOTA news.

Software AG plans to have long-term cooperation with IOTA and is now working with the customers to find use cases for the platform as well. In an interview, the vice president of Innovation and Architecture at Software AG explained about the vision of the company to use IOTA. The company is a founding member of the Tangle EE Working Group and is the second-biggest software company in the German region but has operations worldwide.

In the meantime, Software AG is also one of the most dedicated companies in its cooperation with the IOTA foundation. At the end of November 2019, the company stated that it had worked for a long time with the foundation in 2019. In the interview, Strnadl spoke about his organization and IOTA will come together and share the goals. Strnadl began explaining that during 2016 and 2017, a few different distributed ledger technologies were examined and about 4-5 candidates ended up on the final list. One of them was IOTA because of its free of charge transactions.

Another plus for IOTA was its scalability and the third its governance mechanisms. Strnadl also explained that the company is now focused on integrating software and excelling in innovation:

‘’They all say, what’s the point? Where is the benefit over others? And there are a few elements; and IOTA is there for the devices, for the identity, for the many players in the supply chain, – […] I am convinced, however, together with the customers we still have to determine that – where you possibly have a technology with which you can solve problems that you can’ t be solved so quickly otherwise.’’

As Strnadl further explained, the sensors in the factory could be such a use case because the legacy systems cannot really deal with the number of them worldwide. Strnadl also commented about the supply chain as a use case but said that there are global standards to be considered. According to him, a lot of background work is needed in this area:

‘’In one year, it will certainly be seen that the Coordicide works, and where weaknesses still exist. We are committed to IOTA for the log run, in other words strategically. If a project doesn’t come up because of corona or the Trinity Hack […] if it is postponed for half a year, so what. […]’’

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