ICAI warns Students & members- Issues advisory for ‘objectionable’ social media posts

Institute of chartered Accountants of India, being the supreme institution for CAs, has always tried to protect the interest of the CA profession. Not only this but also the development of all the members and stakeholders by taking many initiatives. Such initiatives are targeted not only for regulating the profession but also to enhance the skills of the students and members to be contemporary as well as future ready. Recently ICAI has issued advisory for CA students and stakeholders.

Why ICAI issued the advisory?

Recently ICAI issued an advisory for the students as well as members. It is said that the ICAI has to warn students as well the stakeholders for posting objectionable content on the social media. Let me explain why exactly the ICAI has to issue the advisory:

  • Earlier in 2020, many CA students posted on social media platforms requesting the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) to postponed the CA examinations scheduled to be taken on May 2020 and November 2020.
  • This happened on concerns about COVID safety provisions in the exam halls.
  • Not only this but many ICAI members also supported the cause, leading to Twitter trends condemning the institute for ignoring the requests of the students.
  • Apparently this led to the ICAI issuing an advisory asking CA students and ICAI members to refrain from any objectionable social media posts against the institute.

Icai issues advisory for Members students for posting in social media

Shortcomings of Advisory issued by the ICAI

  • It is to be noted by all concerned that in terms of Part IV, First Schedule to the Chartered Accountants Act 1949, a member of the Institute, whether in practice or not, shall be deemed to be guilty of other misconduct, if he, brings disrepute to the profession or the Institute, as result of his action whether or not related to his professional work.
  • As far as students are concerned any such action will be liable for appropriate action including cancellation of their registrations.

Members and students are, therefore, advised in their own interest, to exercise caution while posting/ sharing/ forwarding any message, video, audio, photograph(s), comments and other material on print and social media which may bring disrepute to the profession or tarnish the image of the Institute generally in the eyes of the public.

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