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I’m proud to introduce IBX: The Cover Story, a new monthly podcast about the most important topics in all things health. Health care is personal — so my guests and I will explore how the big-picture issues affect our well-being and our loved ones’ well-being.

I invite you to tune in each month to hear timely, relevant conversations. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. We’re excited to bring you along on this journey!

A graphic with photos of the host and guest of the podcastEpisode 1: Talking Telemedicine: What’s Good for the Patient Is Also Great for the Caregiver

In the pilot episode of the podcast, I talk about telemedicine with Dr. Ursina Teitelbaum of the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center from three perspectives: the patient, the caregiver, and the doctor. Dr. Teitelbaum is Clinical Director of Penn Pancreatic Cancer Research Center, specializing in all gastrointestinal cancers, and a Daniel G. Haller Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She is my mother’s oncologist.

In this episode, we talk about how the pandemic has accelerated the use of telemedicine. My recent experience with telemedicine, as both patient and caregiver for my mother, gave me great insight into the world of telemedicine, and I was excited to hear Dr. Teitelbaum’s take on it. We also talk about telemedicine pros and cons and how patients can best prepare for their virtual visits. And we both weigh in on whether or not we think telemedicine is here to stay. 

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