High Speed PCI Express Riser Card PCI-E 3.0 x 16 Riser Card Extender Ribbon Flexible Extension Cable 90 Degree for Computer Graphic Cards (180°)

Price: ₹3,693.90
(as of May 18,2022 00:36:10 UTC – Details)

Product name: PCIe graphics card extension cordConnector 1: PCIe x16 maleConnector 2:PCIe x16 femaleWire length: 25-30cmSuitable graphics card: GTX1080ti High-end graphics CARDS, fireprow7100, radeon RX580, VEGA64, prowx5100, quadroK1200 professional graphics card, support for all the PCIe Cards after 2015 yearsFor AMD:RX VEGA RX 580 RX 570 RX 560 RX 550 RX 470D RX 460 R7 350 R7 240For NVIDIA:TITAN Xp GTX1080Ti GTX1080 GTX1070Ti GTX1070 GTX1060 GTX1050Ti GTX1050 GT1030 GTX750(Ti) GT730Compatible case: ITX case
Flexible sectional design allows for aggressive orientations and better airflow.
Quality hand soldered gold-plated contacts for signal integrity. Individual laneway shielding prevents external EMI/EFI and interference between channels.
Bendable, Flexibility And Efficiency: Slim, flat and foldable design achieves transmission efficiency and stability, and easy cable management.
A 90° female PCIe connector minimizes cable strain and makes it easy to fit a vertically-mounted GPU.