Graphics Card GTX750 GDDR5 128BIT 4GB 1072MHz 5400MHz Computer Graphics Card Dual Fan 4K HDR Tech 4G Graphics Cards for Desktop

Price: ₹23,102.00
(as of Jul 26,2022 09:42:55 UTC – Details)

Product Installation:
1. Turn off the power and unplug all plugs; Disassemble the main box.
2. If another graphics card is installed on the motherboard, please disconnect it first, and then insert the new graphics card into the motherboard PCI Express X16 slot.
3. If the graphics card is equipped with an auxiliary power supply input interface, please find the corresponding connector on the host power supply and plug in the graphics card. Please use these adapter plugs and connect the graphics card to provide enough power to the graphics card.
4. Tighten the mounting screws on the graphics card bezel to ensure the graphics card is securely fastened.
5. Cover the case, reconnect all peripheral device connectors, and then insert the monitor connector into the corresponding port on the graphics card.
6. If you need to use TV OUT, High Definition Multimedia Interface, DisplayPort and other interfaces of the TV or display device, please first check whether the graphics card has the corresponding interface, if so, directly use the corresponding cable to connect the display device connect and the graphics card.

Item Type: GTX750 Graphics Card Material: PCB Model: GTX750 4GB
Core code and process: GM107/28nm
Unity Shaders: 512
Core Frequency, Memory Frequency: 1020/5012MHz
Video storage capacity and specifications: 4G, 128-bit, GDDR5
Output Interface: DVI, VGA, High Definition Multimedia Interface Bus interface: PCI Express 3.0 x 16 Fan: Support

Package List:
1x GTX750 Graphics Card 1 x Graphics Card Power Cable
1x Driver CD 1 x User Manual

4K HDR Technology: Supports 4K HDR technology, which greatly improves the image sharpness, brightness and color, and reveals the details of the dark and light parts that could not be displayed before.
Small and light: The graphics card is small, light and easy to install, providing a better environment for gaming and multimedia.
System features: The GTX750 graphics card is compatible with the Windows 7 (32) and Windows 10 (64) operating systems.
Premium Materials: Made of PCB, it is strong and durable, offering full protection and long service life.
Warranty not applicable for this product