Getting screwed with MCO->CRO swap? Look at TERN : CryptoCurrency



  • Used on BlockCard [also crypto VISA card]

  • Plastic+virtual cards issued and Apple Pay/Google Pay support.

  • Earn 6.38% rewards [higher then MCO] in TERN on everything

  • Cost to stake is significantly lower with highest 6% tier currently under $1k

  • Company and founders are US based and transparent. Have followed them for many months and they don’t sell BS.

If you were part of the early MCO holders that just got screwed, then you should really look at TERN. I also think BlockCard is a better product and the rewards are without question higher then the 5% that Monaco offered (and required you to pay $250k LOL).

Oh and with BlockCard you also get a FDIC checking account to go from USD to BTC instantly.

See this thread if you didn’t hear how MCO holders just got screwed


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