Band Protocol Shares Latest Updates In New Monthly Roundup

In its recent release monthly roundup, Band Protocol has revealed a huge number of successful partnerships while giving updates to its community of users as the year draws to a close.

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The popular Oracle platform has enjoyed another month of exciting updates and achievements after the vast milestone it achieved last month. Rounding up October in an update, the platform announced the several strategic partnerships that were reached and important community update.

The first of the update was the upgrade from its previous Wenchange protocol to a new GuanYu protocol. The platform underwent the much-needed protocol upgrade to ensure its oracle nodes were running smoothly.

Band announces its transition to the new GuanYu Protocol

In its official blog post, Band Protocol thanked its community members for their unwavering support while stressing that the transition was successful because of them. Apart from the much-publicized transition to the new protocol in October, other major events took place.

After the transition, Band protocol announced that its in-house developers have been working tirelessly to ensure that the testnet scripts of the new proof of authority network are running smoothly.

Coming alongside that update, Band Protocol announced that its platform would subsequently provide support to layer-1 and layer-2 decentralized tech platforms.

The protocol also announced the major update of its oracle script after confirming that it has already sent a sample to the recently launched GuanYu protocol. Once they are done with all the necessary and mandatory testing, the PoA data will be available on the platform’s mainnet.

The DeFi community will be eagerly awaiting this feature as Band protocol has promised that its new, improved oracle script will aid projects in the DeFi space. The protocol also made some necessary changes to its python client library as it notes that the library will now possess total test coverage and provide full annotation support.

Band Protocol enters partnership with significant crypto and blockchain firms

Another update is the development of its TypeScript, which the firm says is steadily making progress. The protocol has also said that they might release the CosmoScan update in the coming months after they have witnessed remarkable progress in its upgrade.

Band Protocol was the cynosure of all eyes in the crypto industry as it partnered with several crypto and blockchain firms in the past month. According to Band protocol, most of the partnership was entered into to facilitate the awareness and adoption of its BAND token across the globe.

Most of the partnerships are high-classed as they allow most platforms to carry out a fiat to crypto service on their respective platforms. Another thing that Band protocol wants to do is to integrate the testnet and PoA on the new GuanYu mainnet.

To cap off the month of October, Band protocol partnered with platforms like Komodo, KyberSwap, Coin98 Wallet, Harmony, NUTS Finance, and Everstake. In a bid to intimate its community about the recent happenings, the protocol distributed $300 worth of prizes amongst its AMA participants.

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