Amazon Reveals High Demand for Bitcoin Blockchain Books

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is fast-growing and attracting much attention. From the big financial sector to e-commerce as well as others like technology giants, the blockchain is fast leaving impressions with which greater technological advancement is birth.

A Rising Demand For Blockchain Education And Professionals

Report coming in from search engines clearly indicates an exponential rise in the demand for blockchain-related professionals as well as the education necessary to get aboard this newly born evolving labor market. According to analysis from Google, the United States has experienced a rise in the demand for blockchain professionals as well as the services they render. Similar reports and analyses also indicate an increase in the introduction of newly birth blockchain and cryptocurrency education which award diplomas to career persons who wish to explore the blockchain space.

The e-commerce industry is particularly one of the territories which are actively experiencing huge sales of crypto-related commodities. These substances, particularly books, written to either educate or instruct their readers are on top of the list of fast selling and most frequently sold contents on Amazon for some time now. This clearly indicates a shift in the attention of people towards the knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, the extent of bitcoin awareness that has been achieved cannot be underestimated.

In a recent report by Coinpedia, bitcoin crept its way into the heart of the e-commerce industry directly to the payment gateways. At the moment, goods and services on some giant e-commerce platforms can be paid for using bitcoin. According to the report,

“…As of the 9th of February, bitcoin had crossed the long-awaited “benchmark” value of $10k and was warring towards higher heights. At the time, an increasing number of e-commerce giants such as Overstock, Shopify, and eGifter, where you can find a large selection of items, ranging from clothes, electronics, and interior decorations were reported to have integrated bitcoin payment gateways.”

Search Term For Bitcoin On Google Trends Doubles Over The Past 12 Months

Google trends report that the search for bitcoin and similar contents has doubled during the last 12 months. Although, there have been times of ups and downs, the overall interest that is drawn towards the crypto industry is increasing at an incredible rate.

Bitcoin in Google Trends

Furthermore, blockchain, according to a recent report by LinkedIn, now tops the list of the most in-demand job skills in 2020. The report indicated that LinkedIn measured demand by looking at the profiles of its users, to determine the frequency that people with different skill sets were getting hired. According to their findings, sectors outside blockchain are in high demand of blockchain professionals.

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