A PSA on Uniswaps UNI and How the Free Claim Works : CryptoCurrency

I haven’t seen anyone say this, so I just wanted put this out there.

Each WALLET used to transact on the Uniswap network *BEFORE 9/1/2020 is eligible for 400 UNI.

For example, I’ve claimed 400 on Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Metamask, for 1200 UNI total. I’m sure there’s more wallets eligible as well.

EDIT: Also, forgot to say, I’d suggest HODL’ing for about a month or so. DeFi is hot right now and UNI is still in price discovery. Look what COMP did after launch. Plus, free crypto, Liquidate 2/3 and let the rest ride, you’re playing with free crypto, whats the risk?


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